Lecturers: Author Biographies & Research Interests

Arunas Germanavicius has worked on numerous research projects since graduating from the University of Vilnius’ Faculty of Medicine with cum laude in 1994. He was the co-investigator of Lithuanian research team led by Prof.


Dr. Tim Huisman (b. 1964) trained as an art historian at Leiden University, specialising in museology, graphic art and early modern art. Since 1991 he works at the Museum Boerhaave, the Dutch National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine.


Chris Jarvis is one of the Education Officers at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Having spent his formative years in Nigeria, where he grew up surrounded by wildlife and kept snakes, owls, bushbabies, bushpig and other animals as pets, he has been a keen amateur naturalist all his life.


Ken is interested in History of physical anthropology, racial studies, eugenics and medicine.
1982-1986 University of Tartu, biology (unfinished);
1986-1993 University of Tartu, history (archaeology / physical anthropology), B. A. degree;
1994-1995 Central European University, Budapest (Medieval studies), M.A. degree.
Research and professional experience:


Steve King is a Professor of History at Oxford Brookes University, Assistant Dean for Resources in the School of Arts and Humanities, as well as Chair of the Wellcome Trust History of Medicine Grant Panel.

Steve King was awarded his PhD in 1994. His research interests are varied, spanning a range of periods, themes and countries, but may be grouped under four broad headings:


Ruth Koblizek was born in Vienna in 1973, where she still lives and works. Ruth studied History and Art in Vienna, subsequently worked for several years as a free research assistant, as an employee at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and now is the curator of the collection of pictures of the Medical University of Vienna.


Chris Leaver has recently retired as Sibthorpian Professor and Head of the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford.



Alan J. Barr

Alan J Barr is a lecturer of the Particle Physics group in the University of Oxford’s department of physics, a Tutorial Fellow in physics at Merton College, the Physics coordinator of the ATLAS UK collaboration and currently works with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on the Swiss-French boarder near Geneva.


Bill McGuire is the Director of the Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre. He is author or editor of over 400 books, papers and articles focusing on volcano instability and monitoring, volcanic hazards, natural hazards and environmental change, climate change and global geophysical events.


Tim McHugh is a Wellcome Trust Researcher/Lecturer in the History of Medicine at Oxford Brookes University.  His research has centred on the social history of medicine in France, examining the relationship between the nature of a hierarchical society and the charitable assistance of the poor in the early modern period.  His research interests include the history of hospitals, the earl




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