Alcohol, Psychiatry and Society


Alcohol flows across cultures: Drinking cultures in transnational and comparative perspective


‘The Personal and the Public: Perspectives on Social History of Health and Medicine’


Reassessing Nazi Human Experiments and Coerced Research, 1933-1945


Accidents and Emergencies: Risk, Welfare and Safety in Europe and North America, c. 1750–2000


Therapy and Empowerment – Coercion and Punishment


Mapping Humans: From Body to Cosmos


Crafting Humans: From Genesis to Eugenics and Beyond


Intercultural Humanism: Challenges, Experiences, Visions, Strategies


State of Mind: A Consciousness Science 'Expo'


The German Archipelago: German Minorities and Interwar Eugenics


The Disease Within: Confinement in Europe, 1400-1800


Health and Society: Private and Public Medical Traditions in Greece and the Balkans (1453-1920)


The History of Medicine Museum in Past and Present


Eugenics, Race and Psychiatry in the Baltic States


Greater Romania's National Projects



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