Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics Episode 12

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about:
International Congress of Mathematicians 2010; Fields and Chern
Medals, Nevanlinna and Gauss Prizes; Maths A-level numbers; A*; Areexams getting easier?; computer vs. pen-and-paper tests; Futurama;vintage calculators; Euclid's Elements In Colour; wikimath; a conversation with Matt Parker live in Edinburgh; and more.

 International Conference of Women Mathematicians 2010
Mathematics 'Nobel' rewards boundary-busting work
Fields and Chern Medals, Nevanlinna and Gauss Prizes:
Gowers on ICM 2010
The Fields Medals 2010
First Woman President of the International Mathematical Union
International Conference of Women Mathematicians 2010
Indian Maths influenced West
Ancient use of big numbers baffles experts
Maths A-level numbers bounce back
A-levels: Pupils shun so-called soft subjects in favour of maths and sciences
A-level results: maths and science 'more popular in the recession'
A-level results 2010: A* grade puts pupils and universities to the test
Are exams getting easier? Nobody knows
Exams: changing habits may spell end for pen-and-paper tests
Futurama Writer Created And Proved A Brand New Math Theorem Just For Last Night's Episode
And now, 128 vintage calculators for your viewing pleasure
Sunday Book Review: Forms and Functions
Flawed proof ushers in era of wikimath
Your days are numbered: the maths of death

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