Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics Episode 14

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Prime
birthdays; gravity defying coffee cup; maths education & innovation; why parents can't do maths today; students get iPads; child-killing maths quiz; cult of youth; Danica McKellar books; chaos following the big bang; the two quadrillionth slice of pi; the National Cipher Challenge; hyperbolic Internets; British Science Festival; Pi-Hunting; constrained writing; recommended reading for new maths & stats lecturers; bed bugs; postgrads who teach; projectile dynamics in sport; and more.

Carnival of Mathematics 69
Prime birthdays via Wolfram|Alpha
Gravity Defying Coffee cup
Economist Education and innovation debate
Obama announces 'Change the Equation' program on science and math education
Why parents can't do maths today
Algebra Students get iPads
Science is Vital
Teacher sorry for child-killing maths quiz
Teen genius
Danica McKellar: Are her math books bad for girls?
Big Bang Was Followed by Chaos, Mathematical Analysis Shows
Two Quadrillionth Slice of Pi
National Cipher Challenge
Hyperbolic Internets
Actual Paper
Plus: Do you know what's good for you?
British Science Festival
Greenwich Maths Time: Pi-Hunting
Greenwich Maths Time: Pi Day at the British Science Festival
'Ludolph van Ceulen' photo by Martin Smith
An older picture of Ludolph
How I wish I could calculate #pihunt
Dear all: Change of job, email
Joe Kyle's recommended reading for new maths & stats lecturers
Call for submissions: Examples of unplanned impact of mathematics from history
Samuel's Office has these
Supporting Postgraduate Students who teach Mathematics & Statistics
Projectile Dynamics in Sport: Principles and Applications by Colin White
BSHM Autumn Meeting and AGM 2010

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