Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics Episode 16

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke to special guest
Colin Wright about MathsJam and to each other about: the first truly
habitable exoplanet; Ed Miliband again; breast cancer statistics; the
uncanny accuracy of polling averages; chemometrics and tea; polymath
3; the origin of altruism; Mom and Dad taking math classes; Singapore
Math in the USA; UK schools enlisting Indian maths tutors online; the
Carnival of Mathematics; the magic square on the Sagrada Familia; and
much more.

Stories and links
My Next Trip: Gliese 581g AKA Goldilocks
First blog post: 'Is Ed Miliband a \"maths geek\"?'
My question to Ed Miliband on Twitter
Second blog post: 'Ed & me'
Matt Parker and Breast Cancer Statistics
Uncanny Accuracy of Polling Averages Parts 1-3:
Mathematics, the makeover
Chemometrics on Wikipedia
Maths helps identify different types of tea that eyes alone can't do
Polymath 3 Announcement from Tim Gowers
Gil Kalai's Blog (Home of Polymath 3)
Sparks fly over origin of altruism
Mom and Dad take a math class
Singapore Math in the USA
It all figures now (Rob Eastaway)
UK school enlists Indian maths tutors online
Physics and Math Educator wins MacArthur Fellowship
Talk to Wolfram|Alpha in TeX
Math on the Radio
Calculating Engine
Carnival of Mathematics
Carnival of Mathematics 70
@christianp's photo of the magic square on the Sagrada Familia
About The Subirachs Magic Square
Mathematics Today
London Schools and the Black Child Awards

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