Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics Episode 17

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Rubicks
Cube Robot; Winning with mathematics; Pizza Hut is Anti-Math; Vedic
Maths rejected; Musicians with Ph.D.'s; the mathematical secrets of
verse; Klein Bottles; nanoscale Mobius strip; Calculator Plots onto
Images; Irish Maths Week; Numerologists; 10/10/10; Science is Vital;
World Statistics Day 2010; getstats; USA Science & Engineering
Festival; G4G Celebration of Mind; Teaching Math as narrative Drama;
Who are your important living mathematicians?

Rubicks Cube Robot
World Conker Championships win 'due to maths formula'
Maths graduate counts his winnings following £900,000 poker victory
Deborah’s number is up
Pizza Hut is Anti-Math
Pizza Hut Cares
Vedic mathematics
Vedic Maths rejected, Supporters up in Arms
Musicians with Ph.D.'s
Caribou's Math Ph.D.
National Poetry Day: unlock the mathematical secrets of verse
Shapeways Klein Bottle
Cliff Stoll's Klein bottles
Klein Bottle Opener
DNA art imitates life: Construction of a nanoscale Mobius strip
Calculator Plots Graphs onto Images
Irish Maths Week
Numerologists Suck
Could this be our lucky day? Or will 10/10/10 prove to be the date that our computer systems grind to a halt
Matt Parker's challenge: 10 10 10 ~ Welcome To The Decade Of The TENS
British scientists rally to protest funding cuts
Open letter to George Osborne: Why it's vital to protect science funding
World Statistics Day 2010
USA Science & Engineering Festival
Math Exhibits
G4G Celebration of Mind
Teaching Math as narrative Drama
A message from Mathematicians to Physicists
Physicists response
Simon Donaldson
Who are your important living mathematicians?
Web resources for a 14 year old girl struggling with maths & confidence

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