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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: World Statistics Day; Barack Obama on MythBusters; Change the Equation; UK Spending Review; Marathon Math: How Not to Hit the Wall; the physics of the wet dog shake; Gathering for Gardner Celebration of Mind; Ridiculous-Sounding Math Classes; Pumpkin Pi; and more. Plus details of the upcoming Math/Maths UK Live recording and week of events.

World Statistics Day
Video Message by United Nations Statistical Division Director Paul Cheung
UK: getstats
getstats blog
Chances are, we'd all benefit from a statistics lesson
Canada: Statisticians mark Statistics Day with mock funeral for census
EU: What better way to honour World Statistics Day?
Namibia marks World Statistics Day
UN World Statistics Day News Arcive
'Average' Briton highlighted
President Barack Obama to appear on US show MythBusters
How a statistical formula won the war
How Allies Used Math Against German Tanks
David Spiegelhalter's rainy crisps
Change the Equation
The government agrees: Science is vital
Universities alarmed by 40% cut to teaching budgets
CSR 2010: What the sector thinks
George Osborne's talk of percentages and billions will wash over most of us
Marathon Math: How Not to Hit the Wall
Marathon Calculator
Mathematical model helps marathoners pace themselves to a strong finish
The physics of the wet dog shake
Gathering for Gardner Celebration of Mind journal
George Hart's Amazing Acrobats Puzzle, assembled as part of the New York gathering
Ten of the greatest: Maths puzzles
Plus puzzle: Meddling with averages
The Ten Most Ridiculous-Sounding Math Classes Currently Offered at Liberal-Arts Colleges
SIAM: Careers in the Math Sciences
Pumpkin Pi
Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation blog
Maths HE Curriculum Innovation Project Podcast
Maths HE Curriculum Innovation Project Podcast on iTunes
Math/Maths Week programme

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