Math/Maths Podcast Episode 24

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Linking geometric problems to physics; Card Tricks and Data Compression; Racial profiling; The aftershocks of crime; Mumford Receives the National Medal of Science; Improve your maths to get rich & boost the economy; Anti-Complexitism; The Meaning of Maths; Vi Hart Math Doodles; various competitions; and much more.

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Linking geometric problems to physics could open door to new solutions
Card Tricks and Data Compression Bounds
BCS reveals the connection between magic and computing
Racial profiling to limit terror attacks is fundamentally flawed: statistician
The aftershocks of crime: An idea borrowed from seismology may help to predict criminal activity
Mumford Receives the National Medal of Science
Improve your maths to get rich
Why a head for figures is good for your wealth
Learn maths to boost the economy, scientist advises
Jayne Dowle: If you're looking for maths skills, please don't count on me
Meaning of maths revealed to pupils from Whitby High School
Vi Hart Math Doodles
Tell the world about maths with the FMSP-Rolls-Royce poster competition!
MSOR Network student essay competition 2010/11.....deadline 31 March 2011
The Joy Of Stats
Manchester Metropolitan University Maths Society Wed 1st Dec - Peter Rowlett Talk 'Chance & Coincidence'
Photos of omnitruncated dodecaplex/120-cell

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