Math/Maths Podcast Episode 25

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Innumeracy Behind Airline Security; Poker at high school; Incredible Edible Foam; Dear Santa: Please Send Owl Puke; 20th C.'s Most Boring Day; Secret of Big Caves Revealed by Math; Non-Transitivity; The kilogram; The Mismeasurement of Science; SAT vs A levels; TDA beats recruitment targets in science and maths; Country rankings in math and science; advent calendars; Math/Maths LIVE from Greenwich: Now on video; Combinations and Permutations Episode 57; and more.

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Innumeracy Behind Airline Security
Poker at Falls Church high school stirs debate
Incredible Edible Foam
Dear Santa: Please Send Owl Puke
20th C.'s Most Boring Day
Secret of Big Caves Revealed by Math
Who's Counting: Non-Transitivity
Au revoir, kilogram
The Mismeasurement of Science
SAT fails to outclass A levels in spotting talent, study finds
TDA beats recruitment targets in science and maths
Who's learning What?
Maths matters
November photo competition winners: Geometry
Nrich Advent Calendar 2010
The Plus advent calendar
Math/Maths Podcast Episode 23 - LIVE from Greenwich: Now on video
Combinations and Permutations Episode 57: LIVE, with audium!

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