Math/Maths Podcast Episode 28 - Review of the Year: 1910

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In a traditional move for the start of January we attempt a review of the year. In an untraditional move, we choose the year 1910. Topics covered: the death of Florence Nightingale gives a good reason to look at the development of modern statistics; the publication of Principia Mathematica volume 1 by Russell and Whitehead brings up axiomatisation and inconsistency; the publication of Einstein's special relativity leaves some questions about freefall and gravity; Geiger & Marsden firing alpha particles at gold foil has Rutherford questioning the structure of the atom; ten years on from Hilbert's Problems we ask how many have been solved; plus we look at the work of new LMS President and 1910 Royal Society Sylvester Medal winner Henry Baker and new Fellow of the Royal Society G H Hardy.

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Florence Nightingale
Example of polar area diagram by Florence Nightingale
RSS History
Bertrand Russell
Principia Mathematica
Geiger-Marsden experiment
Mathematical Problems By Professor David Hilbert
Henry Baker
G H Hardy

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