Math/Maths Podcast Episode 30

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke to special guest Katie Steckles about Maths Busking and MathsJam, then to each other about: unlucky house numbers; Mathematics-Inspired Dance Work; Perfecting Animation, via Science; The Mathematics Of Beauty; Geomagic Squares; Irving Kaplansky's "A Song about Pi"; Edsac computer to be rebuilt at Bletchley Park (by Boffins); An App for Every Course; Oxford and A*s; Maths Inspiration Photo Competition 2010 winner and runners up; and more.

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Maths Busking
Manchester MathsJam
@stecks on Twitter
Menger's Sponge (depth 3)
Pulling the wool, part 94
Mathematics-Inspired Dance Work Makes World Premiere at Staller
Perfecting Animation, via Science
The Mathematics Of Beauty
Sex and Statistics or Heteroscedasticity is Hot
Now that’s what I call Magic
Geomagic Squares
Irving Kaplansky’s “A Song about Pi”
Pioneering Edsac computer to be built at Bletchley Park
Boffins rebuild 6ft 1949 computer that's 50,000 slower than today's PCs
An App for Every Course
Oxford demands star quality from candidates
Student wins maths photo competition
Maths Inspiration Photo Competition 2010 winner and runners up
Royal Society medals and awards – call for nominations for 2011 now open
Call for Papers: YoungOR 17 Conference
Latest MSOR Network Connect Jan 2011 Available
National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) Individual Awards 2011 call for nominations
IMA Mathematics 2011
Engaging with Engagement (Generic Skills for PG students)
Edmund Orme Harriss
Developing Graduate Skills in HE Mathematics Programmes... through case studies of successful practice
Graduate skills in mathematics
Integrating software into your lectures - Peter Rowlett

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