Math/Maths 46: Early Mathematics Day

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter received a report from special guest Dan Hagon live from the BSHM/Gresham College Early Mathematics Day, reprised Grigori Perelman and the Maths of AV and spoke about: The Greatest Mathematicians of All Time; Could Han Shoot Second?; Paul The Psychic Octopus - The Movie; 40 Years of P vs. NP; TakeAIM: Articulating the Influence of Mathematics; Good maths journalism example: Tackling the big unaswered problems; Journal of Humanistic Mathematics; High School students offer flood of ideas; Why Bayes Rules; 13-Year Periodic Cicadas Emerge; Mangahigh now 100% Free also for UK & Republic of Ireland Schools; 14th Early Career Mathematicians Conference; The Calculus I Student; Numbas; and more.

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Early Mathematics Day Videos
British Society for the History of Mathematics
Neolithic balls at #earlymaths
Top mathematician chooses to live a modest life away from the limelight
Grigori Perelman - Wikipedia
Jesus helps solve math puzzle
Gauss memorial
Maths of AV: a reading list
The Greatest Mathematicians of All Time
Could Han Shoot Second?
The Life and Times of Paul The Psychic Octopus - Trailer
40 Years of P vs. NP
TakeAIM: Articulating the Influence of Mathematics
Tackling the big unaswered problems
yomcat's blogpost
Journal of Humanistic Mathematics
High School students offer flood of ideas
Why Bayes Rules
Buzzing: 13-Year Periodic Cicadas Emerge
Mangahigh Launches 100% Free Games-Based Maths Resource for UK & Republic of Ireland Schools
14th Early Career Mathematicians Conference
Calling all Scientists
The Calculus I Student
Doron Zeilberger on SCC
Euler's Gem
Petersen Graph
MathsJam conference

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