Math/Maths 49: MathsJam Explosion

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: K3,3 is planar; Hardwired Geometry; Italian Seismologists Charged With Manslaughter for Not Predicting 2009 Quake; Highest paying majors; Code-cracking machine returned to life; Scenes de ballet; How maths can help with (almost) everything; 144 BC Chinese War Game Theory; dyscalculia and math anxiety; jargon; 75 Years of Computer Science; MathsJam explosion; and more. Tune in LIVE next week - we're streaming our 50th. Details in the show note links.

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Details of 50th episode live streaming special
Harpenden pupils solve challenging maths problem
Hardwired Geometry
Italian Seismologists Charged With Manslaughter for Not Predicting 2009 Quake
Highest paying majors
Code-cracking machine returned to life
Scenes de ballet
How maths can help with (almost) everything
144 BC Chinese War Game Theory
Can't add up? Don't despair – you may suffer from dyscalculia
Researchers probe causes of math anxiety
A Rant About jargon
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications blog
Carnival of Mathematics - Submit an article
75 Years of Computer Science
I'm Too Pretty to do math
STEM Challenges
GCHQ Challenge (Cheltenham Science Festival)
The Quantification of Risk by Dr Frank Duckworth
Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning (METAL) Workshop 22 June
List of prospective MathsJam launches

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