Math/Maths 50: 1st Birthday Spectacular!

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A special, live streamed 1st birthday episode of the podcast that offers a conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter looked back on the year, pitted special guests James Clare and Dan Hagon in a Math/Maths year 1 quiz and briefly covered some news: Abel Prize awarded to John Milnor in Oslo; Wave 'invisibility cloak' could shield coastlines; Possible Collatz Conjecture Proof; Students set 'impossible' maths question demand new exam; and more. Also remember you heard it here first: Your help is needed to fund 'Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain', a podcast project by Samuel Hansen.

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Topics from the first year of the Math/Maths Podcast
Jim Grime's US tour
Abel Prize awarded to John Milnor in Oslo
Wave 'invisibility cloak' could shield coastlines
Possible Collatz Conjecture Proof
Deceptive puzzle may be solved after 74 years
Students set 'impossible' maths question demand new exam
Carnival of Mathematics 78
Maths in the City Website re-launches with new features
Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain by Samuel Hansen
Peter Rowlett: Further uses of screencasting – but are they effective?
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