Math/Maths 52: World's Smallest Klein Bottle

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Developing mathematical thinking; early math lessons change children's brains; Formulas for the perfect cup of tea and the perfect golf putt; university dropout rates tied to preparedness, not laziness; ACME Mathematical Needs; Mapping Galaxy clusters; $500,000 for mathematician who laid Poincaré groundwork; Ten signs a claimed mathematical breakthrough is wrong; Peter Hall accepts Guy Medal; Math Cats; 30 years of Ri Maths Masterclasses; World's Smallest Klein Bottle; Jordan will sum it up for UK at maths Olympiad; Maths in the City competition winners; Statistical excellence award winners; latest on Relatively Prime; new Monthly MathsJam meetings; and more.

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Developing mathematical thinking - a generational problem?
The Mathematics Generation Gap
"The Mathematics Generation Gap"
Understanding the UK Mathematics Curriculum Pre-Higher Education – a guide for Academic Members of Staff
HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit report
Developing mathematical thinking through problems, puzzles and games
Tip of the Week: Using Search Engines for Higher Math
Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Calculator (Cheat Sheet)
Bing: Mathematical notations you can use
Research shows how early math lessons change children's brains
They've got it down to a tea: Scientists unveil the formula for a perfect brew
Formula for the perfect putt
New study says university dropout rates tied to preparedness, not laziness
Launch of the ACME Mathematical Needs project
Mapping Galaxy clusters
$500,000 for mathematician who laid Poincaré groundwork
Ten signs a claimed mathematical breakthrough is wrong
Peter Hall accepts Guy Medal
Math Cats
Maths royalty set to open 2011 Ri Maths Masterclass conference
World's Smallest Klein Bottle
Jordan will sum it up for UK at maths Olympiad
Maths in the City competition:winningentries
Statistical excellence award winners announced
LKL-MathsArt: Tony Mann
From Sylvia Plath to Bad Sex: uses of mathematics in fiction by Tony Mann
The MEI Conference 2011
OR53 Annual Conference
Golden-mean and Secret Sharing Matroids by Michael Welsh
Why I supported Relatively Prime and you should too
Monthly MathsJam
MathsJam Conference
Ideas Exchange: HE Mathematics Curriculum Innovation

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