Math/Maths Podcast 58: The Code Has You

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week, with only hours left for you to donate to Samuel's Kickstarter project Relatively Prime, Samuel and Peter spoke with special guest Julia Collins about her new mathematics blogs 'What's on my blackboard?' and 'The Mathematician's Shirts', and with each other about: The Code, mathematics communication and the place of science and mathematics in society; Game Design Engages Students in STEM; Mathematical Sleepaway Camp; The Wrongulator; Longshot Magazine; and more.

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Relatively Prime: Just hours left to donate!
The Code
The Code review
TV Review: The Code, BBC2
Mathematical medallist: Seducing CEOs and socialists
Marcus du Sautoy interview: 'There's a geek chic about maths now'
The Story of 1 by Terry Jones
Dangerous Knowledge by David Malone
Fermat's Last Theorem
Game Design Engages Students in STEM
Mathematical Sleepaway Camp
What's on my blackboard?
The Mathematician's Shirts
The Wrongulator
Plus: Relatively Prime: stories from the mathematical domain
The Indian Clerk review
Longshot Magazine
Longshot Radio (Samuel Hansen edited Music and Debt and The Siegel Brothers Have A Point)
Peter Rowlett: An interactive talk on mathematical puzzles

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