Math/Maths 65: Animatronic Bertrand Russell

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: data capacity in biochemical cell signals; how Ashton Cooper learned to love the Museum of Mathematics; how early numbers skill predicts later math ability, yet again; experiments with 'Predictive Policing' in Santa Cruz; irreproducibility of published scientific results; MIT Math Prize for Girls; what was said on Big Science FM; Samuel's first post on Second-Rate Minds; and more.

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Biochemical Cell Signals Quantified: Data Capacity Much Lower Than Expected, Scientists Find
Divided and Conquered: How I Learned to Love the Museum of Mathematics
Early numbers skill predicts math ability
Santa Cruz Experiments with 'Predictive Policing'
2010: The aftershocks of crime
Reliability of 'new drug target' claims called into question
MIT to Host Math Competition for Girls
2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings
British Society for the History of Mathematics Undergraduate Essay Competition
The Mathematicians' Shirts: progress update
HE STEM: Making Choices
Big Science FM: The History of Mathematics
Videos of 'Teaching students to write mathematics'
Let’s Make These Graphs Magic
Maths Jam

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