Math/Maths 75: Play Dough Manifolds

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke with special guest Katie Steckles about the everything and nothing workshop videos, with special guest James Grime about Britain's Greatest Codebreaker, a Turing pardon e-petition and the Alan Turing fetish, and with each other about: the first time a perfect hand of cards has been dealt in the history of the game; Applying math to biology ‘nets’ success; Mathematics Today expressed in 'Science in Parliament'; Number of adults in England with poor numeracy rising; Mathematics at the Transition to University; some advent calendars and other Christmas links; and more.

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everything and nothing
Video 1: Everything & Nothing accompanying workshop - Introduction
Video 2: Everything and Nothing accompanying workshop - Manifold
Whist Players’ Great Deal Of Luck...
Card players dealt one in two thousand quadrillion hand
Whist players astonished after each receives full suit in one hand.. at odds of 2,235,197,406,895,366,368,301,559,999-to-one
The Evening Independent - Nov 27, 1929: Four Perfect Bridge Hands Held On The Same Deal In London Game
The Montreal Gazette - Mar 15, 1935: Perfect Bridge Hands: Four of Them at One Table Break Up Party
Toledo Blade - Jul 17, 1949: Perfect Bridge Hand Is Dealt At Party
The Vancouver Sun - Mar 13, 1954: 4 Perfect Bridge Hands Dealt Simultaneously
The Press-Courier - Apr 5, 1963: Four perfect bridge hands reported second time in less than a week
The Milwaukee Journal - Jan 25, 1978: A Magnificent 4 in Bridge World
The Independent - 1 Feb 1998: That Was The Week: What the papers said (last paragraph, "the whist hand of the century")
Catherine Ford in The Calgary Herald - Nov 29, 1983, "Bridge is trump for pure venom".
Applying math to biology ‘nets’ success
LMS Newsletter 409
Mathematics Today
Number of adults in England with poor numeracy rising
Mathematics at the Transition to University: A Multi-Stage Problem?
On the Decline of Mathematical Studies, and ever was it so
sigma wins outstanding student support award
Britain's Greatest Codebreaker
e-petition: Grant a pardon to Alan Turing
Beware the Alan Turing fetish
Newcastle MathsJam Recap
15th ECM Bristol Blog Post
DARPA Shredder Solved
Nrich Advent Calendar 2011 - Primary
Nrich Advent Calendar 2011 - Secondary
The 2011 Plus advent calendar
steck's Nerdy Advent Calendars
Christmas gifts for the rationally curious
Holiday Puzzles 2011
Professor Martin Rees - Life in the Cosmos: from Big Bang to Biosphere
My Erdos number?
CV mode for
MSOR Connections Autumn 2011 Vol 11 No 3
IMA Branch calendar

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