Math/Maths 82: Skynet Gains Approximate Number Sense

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Herb Wilf Memorium; Gowers & Elsevier; Math-Blind AI Teaches Itself Numbers; The Future of Statistics in our Schools and Colleges; Cartels are Emergent Phenomenon; √Čvariste Galois is Andrew Miller's hero; MIT Math Bee Creates Campus Star; Ian Stewart's top 10 popular mathematics books; Lonely Planet; Touching the Crocheted Clouds; Figshare; Four Squares game; and more.

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Herb Wilf Memorium
Gowers: Elsevier - my part in its downfall
Math-Blind AI Teaches Itself Numbers
Neural network gets an idea of number without counting
The Future of Statistics in our Schools and Colleges
Engineering UK 2012 report
Cartels are Emergent Phenomenon
My hero: Evariste Galois by Andrew Miller
The memoirs and legacy of √Čvariste Galois
MIT Math Bee Creates Campus Star
Ian Stewart's top 10 popular mathematics books
Travels in a Mathematical World: Favourite popular mathematics books
Lonely Planet
Physics with mathematics pilot providers - 2012-13
Touching the Crocheted Clouds
IMA Branch calendar
Four Squares game
Puzzlebomb 1
LMS women in maths day 2012
Why the hot light bulb annoys me

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