Acoustics and Engineering

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Prof Trevor Cox carries out research, teaching and commercial activities in acoustic engineering. He is was an EPSRC Senior Media Fellow and is President of the Institute of Acoustics.Prof Cox carries out research in performance room acoustics, investigating how room conditions can be improved for good speech communication, and quality music production and reproduction. He has or is principal investigator on five EPSRC projects concerned with room acoustics. In Acoustics research, Trevor is probably best known for his work concerning surface diffusers and has authored a text book on acoustic treatments. He pioneered the concept of optimised diffusers to help solve the dilemma of getting correct visual and acoustic design. His designs can be found in listening rooms (Sony M1, New York), cinemas (Cinema, Seattle) and concert halls (Hummingbird Centre, Toronto). Professor Cox was awarded the prestigious Tyndall Award by the Institute of Acoustics as well as the IOA's award for Promoting Acoustics to the Public.

He was a finalist at Famelab, a pop-idol style competition to find science communicators for television. Trevor carries out many projects concerned with communicating science and engineering to the public. He has been involved in EPSRC projects to produce resources for teaching acoustics for GCSE and AS/A level students, and holder of an EPSRC stages award to promote engineering. He is resident scientist on BBC Radio Manchester and has presented a 12 documentaries for BBC radio 4 and World Service.

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