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 Professor Richard Velleman is Emeritus Professor of Mental Health Research. He is a leading authority on substance misuse, with a special interest in the impact of this misuse on other family members, including children. He is a leading member of the Alcohol, Drugs and the Family research network, and a member of the 15-person Scientific Committee of the EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction). Prof Velleman is both a clinical and an academic psychologist. He took his first degree (Experimental Psychology) at Sussex in the early 1970s, trained in clinical psychology at the University of Exeter, and later obtained his PhD at Exeter, before moving to Bath in 1984. He has always held dual posts, in Universities and in the NHS. His research and practice interests cover a wide spectrum within mental health, with a particular interest in the impact of substance misuse and mental health issues on family members, especially children, as well as broader research and practice interests in counselling, substance misuse, and children & families. He has published over 200 items including thirteen books, and many chapters and scientific journal papers.

Here he explains Addiction. 



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