Math/Maths 86: Complex Pony Tails

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: The Recent Difficulties with RSA; Do we need a maths museum?; Brian Schmidt’s Mathematical Arguement; IBM claims most PhD mathematicians in its employ; Maths grads teaching alert; John Nash’s Letters to the NSA; The mathematical equation that caused the banks to crash; Rapunzel’s Number: Science behind ponytail revealed; EPSRC Shaping Capabilities; Maths Jam; & more.

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Prime Suspect, or Random Acts of Primeness
The Recent Difficulties with RSA
The search for weapons of maths communication
Brian Schmidt’s Mathematical Arguement
Nobel Minds 2011
IBM claims most PhD mathematicians in its employ
Maths grads teaching alert
Amazing New Declassified Document
John Nash’s Letters to the NSA
The mathematical equation that caused the banks to crash
Rapunzel’s Number
Science behind ponytail revealed
EPSRC rolls out 31 shapes but puts off decisions on the difficult subjects
Numeracy campaign: More maths puzzles by Matt Parker
Mathematics Today
@christianp maths book photo 1
@christianp maths book photo 2
Maths Jam
The True Importance of Friends
Alan Turing Pardon
Things to do in London on a Tuesday
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