Math/Maths 93: TW's School of Hard Sums

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about Dara O Briain's School of Hard Sums with 'Maths Advisor' and special guest Thomas Woolley, also with each other about: The game of go as a complex network; The Trapezium Conundrum; European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad; QAMA Calculator; Gowers and Penrose popular lectures; Travelling Salesman Movie; and more.

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Dara O Briain: "People are tired of nonsense-peddlers"
Network Science of the game GO
The game of go as a complex network
The Trapezium Conundrum
Team USA Brings Home Medals from EGMO
Third IMA Virtual Branch talk: ‘Dissections – highlights from a masterclass’ by Bernard Murphy
QAMA Calculator
30th Anniversary LMS Popular Lectures: Gowers and Penrose
Travelling Salesman Movie
Group Work working group meeting, 8 May 2012
5 workshops: Maths Strand Outputs in the National HE STEM Programme, May 2012
Placements for Mathematics undergraduates, 14th May 2012
Being a professional mathematician, 15th May 2012
Ideas Exchange 2012: HE Mathematics Curriculum, 14th-15th July 2012
Integers in alphabetical order in U.S. English.
Integers in alphabetical order in British English.
Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning - Dissemination Meeting

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