Math/Maths 100: 2nd Birthday Spectacular - What's your project?

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week is a 100th episode/2nd birthday celebration. Samuel and Peter discuss the last year in mathematics, then introduce and discussion contributions from 11+ special guests answering the question 'What's your current project?' featuring: Alex Bellos; Dave Gale; Noel-Ann Bradshaw; Edmund Harriss; Keith Devlin; Tony Mann; Colm Mulcahy; Peter Krautzberger; Katie Steckles and Christian Perfect; Marianne Freiberger. They end with a special preview trailer of Samuel's project Relatively Prime.

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Topics from the second year of the Math/Maths Podcast
The Random Number Survey
Dave Gale's blog
O.R. in Schools
Learn About O.R.
Edmund Harriss' blog
Math MOOC - Coming this fall. Let's Teach the World.
Being a Professional Mathematician
Card Colm
Math Colm
The Aperiodical
Plus Magazine
Maths and Sport: Countdown to the Games
Kuba by løve (Track behind Relatively Prime Teaser)

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