Math/Maths 110: Subtraction is a both brain activity

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: A clue to solving Kryptos; The Game of Life: The Play; The Bletchley Circle; Mathalicious: the Video Series; Geogebra for the iPad Kickstarter; Math Requires Crosstalk in the Brain; Information and Inference: a Journal of the IMA; Maths and Sport and Plus on the Paralympics; and more.

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A clue to CIA mystery that has defeated the world's codebreakers
The Game of Life: The Play
More drama at Bletchley Park!
The Bletchley Circle
The Bletchley Circle trailer
Mathalicious: the Video Series
Geogebra for the iPad Kickstarter
Math Requires Crosstalk in the Brain
Oxford Journals: Information and Inference: a Journal of the IMA
Maths and Sport: Paralympics
The Plus Paralympic calendar
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking with Keith Devlin trailer
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
Wow! So far, 33,600+ students have registered for my fall online course
Ri grants for UK schools mathematics enrichment activity
Ada Lovelace Day Live!
SSS Fight 8: Adams Vs. Le Verrier

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