Math/Maths 111: A Domino Computer on a Penrose Tiling

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Making Heisenberg more Certain; Matt Parker's domino computer challenge; Turing Machine on a Penrose tiling automata; Bletchley Park Bombe hut restoration; Turing Monopoly; Measuring Women's Progress in Mathematics; Mochizuki on ABC; Google Earth Fractals; and more.

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Making Heisenberg more Certain
Domino computer challenge
Domino Computer Challenge: HELP
Turing Machines in Penrose’s Universe
Bletchley Park Enigma code hut to be restored
Turing Monopoly - Special Edition
Measuring Women’s Progress in Mathematics
IMA North West Branch: Student Teacher Lecture "The Fascination of Fibonacci -Food, Flowers, Figures and Phi"
IMA Mathematics 2013
Mochizuki on ABC
Shinichi Mocihizuki Paper
Google Earth Fractals
Puzzlebomb – September 2012

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