“Transylvanian Saxons Eugenics in Interwar Romania: Concepts and Practices”

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Tudor Georgescu

(Oxford Brookes University)

“Transylvanian Saxons Eugenics in Interwar Romania: Concepts and Practices”

Abstract: This paper offers a brief overview of the origins and empowerment of indigenous Saxon eugenic and fascist movements in interwar Romania, as exemplified by Heinrich Siegmund and Alfred Csallner, as well as Fritz Fabritius' 'Self-Help' and the advent of enforceable eugenic policies under the auspicies of Wilhem Schunn's renewed National Neighbourhoods of the 1930s.

Paper presented to the conference:

“The German Archipelago: German Minorities and Interwar Eugenics”

16 - 19 December 2011, Balliol College, Oxford

The conference programme can be found HERE

The concluding conference report can be found HERE


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