Math/Maths 113: Boing! And Relatively Prime is Live

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Relatively Prime is on the air and on boingboing; ABC now mainstream: in Telegraph and NY Times; Feit-Thompson totally checked by Coq Proof Assistant; Only in 3D are spheres the worst packers; New Maths Triggers a Call to Iron Out Quantum World; Ig Nobel Goes To Study of Swaying Ponytails; Go First dice; BBC/Met Office communicating uncertainty using 'possible futures'; Math Metal Golden Ratio; Difference Engine Made of Lego; MOOC Liftoff and more.

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Relatively prime is on the air!
Relatively Prime on boingboing
Relatively Prime: The Score
World's most complex mathematical theory 'cracked'
A Possible Breakthrough in Explaining a Mathematical Riddle
Feit-Thompson totally checked by Coq
Coq Proof Assistant
Only in 3D are spheres the worst packers
New Maths Triggers a Call to Iron Out Quantum World
Ig Nobels honour dead salmon's 'brain activity' in improbable research awards
Ig Nobels Go To Studies of Swaying Ponytails, (Nearly) Exploding Colons
About The Ig® Nobel Prizes
Puzzle develops game-changing Go First dice
@undunc: BBC/Met Office communicating uncertainty using 'possible futures'
Former hurricane causes forecast uncertainty
Math Metal Golden Ratio
Difference Engine Made of Lego
First ICO Alan Turing Lecture
@OxfordJournals: Only 5 days left to read the Computer Journal's Special Focus on Alan Turing for free!
The Computer Journal: Special Focus on the Centenary of Alan Turing
Calculus of the Nervous System
A Gateway to Mathematics at INI: An Invitation
East Midlands Branch - IMA Presidential Address
North West Branch IMA Careers Talk
Professors rethink teaching methods
Liftoff: MOOC planning – Part 7
@RickCrawf: The man from GCHQ just said

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