Math/Maths 120: Math Wins US Election

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Nate Silver's victory in the US election; some stuff you should go to in the next two weeks; changes to A-levels, ban on calculators in tests for 11-year-olds and another teacher development programme; Gowers' catheter ablation; A Math Teacher goes to the South Pole; and more.

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Why Math is Like the Honey Badger: Nate Silver Ascendant
Nobody’s Perfect (ed. note from Samuel: Except when they are)
When quants tell stories
Is Nate Silver a Witch
xkcd: Math
IMA Early Career Mathematicians' Autumn Conference 2012
MathsJam: The Annual Conference
Recreational Maths Seminar - Picture-Hanging Puzzles
Ofqual announces changes to A levels
A-level overhaul: Cap on resits and shift to summer-only exams
Government bans calculators in tests for 11-year-olds
Government bans calculators from primary maths tests
Plymouth University helps teachers with maths
Mathematics meets real life
AMS-AAAS Mass Media Fellowship
LMS Prospects in Mathematics
HESTEM Accessible learning resources in mathematics
2012-11-13 East Midlands Branch: Lewis Carroll in Numberland
2012-11-21 West Midlands Branch : Operational Research techniques applied to Crowd Safety
First Employers' Forum: Employability of Graduates
PolarTREC teacher Liz Ratliff headed to the South Pole with IceCube
A Math Teacher goes to the South Pole
Festival of the Spoken Nerd

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