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Roger Griffin is a Professor in Modern History at Oxford Brookes University. Amongst his various publications are his landmark The Nature of Fascism (Pinter, 1991), Modernism and Fascism: The Sense of a Beginning under Mussolini and Hitler (Palgrave, 2007). Roger also edited anthologies of primary and secondary sources relating to fascism: Fascism (OUP, 1995), International Fascism: Theories, Causes and the New Consensus (Arnold, 1998); and (with Matthew Feldman) the 5 volumes of Critical Concepts in Political Science: Fascism (Routledge, 2003). His latest book is on the Terrorist's Creed: Fanatical Violence and the Human Need for Meaning (Palgrave, 2012). For further details please visit his staff page.


About the image: "The Gateway Arch" in St. Louis (Missouri, USA) was constructed between 1963 and 1965 (Source: National Park Service).


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"Bionomic Man (and Woman): Fantasies of Anthropological Revolution as the Symptom of Modernity’s Nomic Crisis" Paper presented to the conference: "Crafting Humans: From Genesis to Eugenics and Beyond,"8-10 September 2011, Queens College, Oxford.

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