State Medicine

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Dr Tom Crook is Lecturer in Modern British History at Oxford Brookes University, and has published a number of articles on modern British governance in journals such as Social History, Urban History and Past & Present, as well as a number of edited collections, including (with Glen O’Hara) Statistics and the Public Sphere: Numbers and the People in Modern Britain, c. 1800–2000 (2011) and Sanitary Reform, Class and the Victorian City (Volume 5: Sanitary Reform in Victorian Britain, ed. Michelle Allen-Emerson) (2013). He is currently completing a study of Victorian public health entitled Space, Time and Systems: Modern Governance and the Making of Public Health in England, c. 1830-1910.


Image: Henry Wyldbore Rumsey. Photograph, 1947 (Source: Wellcome Library, London, page)


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