Pulse-Project Weekly Podcasts

Brendon Connelly, Colin Murphy & Guests get together to discuss the latest science headlines and anything science related that has sparked their attention over the last week.

Colin is flying solo for the first time and is joined this week by Simon Ings.  Simon is an English novelist and science writer, he has written The eye: A natural history and six novels including The weight of numbers.


Brendon and Colin are joined by Kate Ravilious who is a freelance science journalist based in York, regularly writing for New Scientist magazine, The Guardian newspaper and National Geographic Daily News to name a few.


Colin and Brendon are joined by Martin Ince who is a science writer, He has written for publications including The Times, the New Scientist, the Observer, the New Statesman, the Financial Times, the Australian and many others. He has made over 100 radio and TV appearances. He is a regular contributor to BBC Sky at Night magazine.


This week Colin And Brendon are joined by Sharon Ann Holgate.  Sharon is a freelance science writer and broadcaster. She has written for the BBC. Sharon is also a visiting fellow in Physics and Astronomy in the University of Sussex.


Brendon Connelly and Colin Murphy are joined by Angela Saini an award-winning independent journalist based in London, and the forthcoming author of Geek Nation, a journey through India, to find out whether the country is set to become the world's next scientific superpower. The new format focuses on one story.




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