Strange Quarks Podcast on the Pulse Project

Strange Quarks is a podcast that peers into the fringes of science and pseudoscience, and covers the battle for science-based politics in Britain and around the world with the help of some interesting guests. It’s presented by Martin Robbins and Michael Marshall on behalf of the Pulse Project.

18th May, 2012:  Stevyn Colgan, author and former member of the Metropolitan Police's "Problem Solving Unit", meets me at The Bear in Maidenhead to talk about evidence-based policing. Could the police make better use of science and evidence, and if so  would the media and politicians even let them?


10th May, 2012:  Mark Henderson, former science editor at The Times, meets me to talk about his latest book - The Geek Manifesto. In a long interview we cover a whole range of topics and tackle questions such as: how can we geek the vote, are politics and science compatible, and how should skeptics behave toward journalists?


3rd November, 2011:  Makeup effects artist and Skeptic Magazine editor Deborah Hyde draws on her considerable knowledge of the supernatural to help me explore the nature of our species' belief in the mysterious and macabre throughout history.  We also discuss Sally Morgan's psychic escapades, and the response of skeptics - do skeptics understand the nature of


26th October, 2011:  Controversial environmentalist, author and presidential advisor Mark Lynas talks about his change of heart over nuclear power and genetically modified crops, and explains why some of the biggest challenges to environmentalist come from the political left.


29 March 2011: Michael Marshall chats to Willem Betz from the Belgian Skeptics organisation Skepp about the regulation of alternative medicine within the EU, and the ways in which loopholes in those regulations have been created and exploited by homeopaths.


22 March 2011: Michael Marshall chats to Naomi Phillips, head of Public Affairs at the British Humanist Association, about the Census Campaign, and why the non-religious should make their presence known.


15 March 2011: James Randi speaks to Michael Marshall about homeopathy in the US, his support for the 10:23 Campaign, and the long history of the JREF in tackling psudoscience across the pond.


08 March 2011: Amy Scobee speaks to Michael Marshall about her 27 years in Scientology, her time in the very depths of Sea Org and her eventual exit from the cult, while Jon Treadway reports on the Art of Skepticsm.


22nd February, 2011:  Eugenie Scott chats with Michael Marshall about creationism, intelligent design and the skeptic scene in America in a special live edition recorded at the QED Conference.


15th December, 2010:  David Aaronovitch chats with Martin Robbins and Michael Marshall about conspiracy theories, touching on the MMR controversy, Wikileaks, and the suicide of David Kelly.




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