Strange Quarks Podcast on the Pulse Project

Strange Quarks is a podcast that peers into the fringes of science and pseudoscience, and covers the battle for science-based politics in Britain and around the world with the help of some interesting guests. It’s presented by Martin Robbins and Michael Marshall on behalf of the Pulse Project.

7th December, 2010:  Elizabeth Pisani chats to us about data sharing in science, the spread of AIDS, and the importance - or otherwise - of the Pope's comments on condoms.


30th November, 2010:  Martin Poulter chats to us about the secret world of Scientology, and Kylie Sturgess files a guest report about belief in the supernatural among women. 


16th November, 2010:  Johann Hari talks about faith schools, social cohesion in Britain, and the 1950s British utopia dreamed of by the right, while teacher Conor Blevins describes a school trip to a mosque that took a strange turn. 


9th November, 2010: Rebecca Watson talks about psychics, being a dick, and being a dick to psychics, while Stuart Sorensen describes a rogue charity who are out to sterilize the poor and vulnerable.


2nd November, 2010: Simon Singh and Simon Perry on libel reform, Carols for Godless people, and grass roots activism.




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