Videos & Lectures

Prof. Waltraud Ernst

Oxford Brookes University

"Colonialism and Transnational Psychiatry: The Case of the Ranchi Indian Mental Hospital, c. 1925-1940"



Dr. Linda Reeder

Associate Professor of History, University of Missouri

"The Means to An End: Psychiatry and the Significance of Marriage in Liberal Italy"



Dr. Louise Hide

Birkbeck, University of London

"Rats Biting, Worms Crawling, Devils at Work: Can recorded delusions provide historians with insight into the subjective experiences of asylum patients?"

[39min; 15 slides]



Dr. med. Thomas Müller

University of Ulm at Ravensburg

"Medical History, the Historian’s Reality and the Public: The Example of National Socialist Psychiatry"

[1h7min; 31 slides]



Zigi Shipper

"Zigi Shipper: In and Beyond Auschwitz"

Holocaust Survivor Public Talk

11 March 2013, Oxford Brookes University


Organised by:

Katie Russell with Tudor Georgescu


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Dr. Tracey Loughran

Cardiff University

"'You are a hero': Masculinity and will in British medical discourse on shell-shock, c. 1914-1920"

[53min; no slides]



Prof Dan Healey

(University of Reading)

"Disabled Prisoners in the Stalin-era Gulag (1930-1953)"

[55min; 15 slides]




Genetics: From Mendel's Peas to Personalised Medicine

Prof Sir Walter Bodmer

University of Oxford

22 November 2012, Oxford Brookes University



Michael Shermer

A Joint Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science and Mind-Brain Theme Autumn Lecture
University of Sussex, 9 November 2012


War and Medicine Since 1914

Prof Alan Hawley

University of Manchester

18 October 2012, Oxford Brookes University





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