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Few tips to stay healthy during the lockdown period


Try home exercises


Stay hydrated at all time


Use home remedies as immune boosters


Always wear a mask when out


Sanitize or wash your hands at all times

Tips to Stay Productive at Home During COVID-19

The Covid -19 pandemic came as a surprise to many in the globe. No one expected to stay indoors and not travel for months.

 The lockdowns were the worst of it for it meant people staying at home with minimal physical activities.

Many people gained weight with no idea on what to do during such times.

 At such times you are not sure whether to go out for a jog or remain indoors for you never know when you can catch the virus. 

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Pulse project is an organization aimed at providing proper health tips and guides to communities. We strive to provide information and empower the public on the dos and don’t in the health sector.

We are a team of health practitioners – nutritionist, physicians’ gynecologists, surgeons, lab technicians, among other paramedics like counselors and psychologists to provide insights from a professional point of view.Take note we are not an online hospital. Our work is to educate you on what you need to do or consume to maintain proper physical and emotional health.

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We do this through education and empowerment programs. Once the public is aware of their body needs and wants then everyone makes the right choice on what to consume.


We provide you the right information for your health

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We believe that providing high quality, accessible health care is our reason for being.

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Being healthy is about keeping diseases at bay while wellness is broad. It involves your social, emotional, spiritual and mental health. They all play a part in becoming healthy. Maintaining good health is important for the following reasons


Eat diverse food with different nutritional value


Never skip meals but eat moderate portions


Drink a lot of water to keep hydrated


Limit caffeine intake


Always be physically active even when within the home


Provides the body with the right food with proper nutritive value

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