Health Systems and Services

The Health Systems and Services Department develops technical cooperation projects promoting progressive advances toward universal access to health and universal health coverage (universal health).

Health Services and Access

Pulse project constitute the systematic, comprehensive and consistent monitoring of resource flows in a country’s health system. They are designed to facilitate the successful implementation of health system goals by its stewards.

Human Resources for Health

Nursing professionals are at the front lines of service provision and play an important role in care focused on people and communities. In many countries, they act as leaders or key members of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary health teams.

Health Technologies

To achieve universal access Member States must formulate and implement coherent Pharmaceutical Policies, integrated within National Health Policy, and linked with other related policies including science technology and industrial development.

What is the Health Services Sector?

Health services are one of the fundamental sectors of society and the economy. The ILO endorses the fundamental principles of the human right to health and social protection. Providing social health protection and equal access to quality health care has significant positive effects on individual and public health, economic growth and development. The health sector is also a major employment sector, with important potential in job creation.

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